Scientists Teach Fish to Do Basic Math - CNET


Meet the ingenuity of an underwater elementary school.

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in kindergarten I bet your teacher will use the M&M mix of blocks and blueberry-scented stickers to delve into the importance of arithmetic in your nascent brain. The goal is to pave the way for a future where you can add,

subtract, and multiply as needed. An adult-ready full of Excel spreadsheets and taxes, of course.Scientists have taken a few underwater creatures such as cichlids and stingrays. went through a very

similar experience. And what is surprising is that The fish passed by with their flying colors.In an article published Thursday in the journal Scientific Reports, The research team said the animals had the ability to learn basic math. and even use this

knowledge to solve the little logic puzzles they have been given.Vera Schluessel, from the University of Bonn's Institute of Zoology and lead author of the study, said: "We train animals to do simple addition and subtraction." They must increase or decrease the default one.